Fish and Penguin Tattoo Designs

Among innumerable tattoo designs any person can choose something to express one's thoughts and make one's own fashion statement. And I'd like to have a look at the tattoo design that appeared around 2500 BC in India- fish tattoo designs. Fish symbolism is a part of all cultures of the world and there are different meanings associated with fish designs.

Fish is associated with reproductive powers and feminine power. Fish is a symbol of mother and water. Fish was a symbol of marriage in parts of India and the bride walked into the house of her husband with fish in hands. Celts associated fish with birth and female sexuality. Koi fish symbolize masculinity and courage. Fish was a powerful animal totem for the people from the coastal regions and the aborigines. During the times of persecution fish was the secret code scratched on the walls or in dust to symbolize safe haven where people met without fear of betrayal. And a lot of other things can be meant depending on the size and color of the fish as well as the part depicted.

Koi fish tattoo designs, that are part of Japanese art, are most popular and they can be combined with cherry blossoms, splashing water, etc. Good luck is the general meaning of koi fish. There is a Chinese legend saying that after topping a waterfall the koi fish turns into a dragon and Chines dragon symbolizes good-will, intelligence and benevolence. Koi fish swimming upwards symbolizes strength during hard and trying times, courageous triumph over the struggle and stands for independent person. Even if a waterfall threatens to block the journey of the koi fish, it doesn't give up. And you can show the strength of your character without words by tattooing koi fish design.

Siamese fighting fish (Betta fish) symbolizes aggression. Shark fish tattoo can represent danger, greed and deceit or stand for your love for the sea though it's full of mysteries and dangers.

The best placements for small fish tattoos are wrists, shoulder blades or feet. If it's going to be a large fish tattoo design, the back and the chest are the right places.

Penguins are so closely connected to the sea and to fish and they are loved creatures in this world. Penguin tattoo designs are really cute and playful and bubbly person can associate themselves with these fine creatures. Penguin designs symbolize charm and good manners as they appear similar to men wearing black jacket. They also represent the ability of person to keep cool in any situation as penguins live in cool atmospheric conditions. If you like the appearance of penguin you can get joyful tattoo of the group of dancing penguins. Baby penguin tattoo design looks cute and laughing. Penguins from cartoons can be tattooed. Tribal penguin tattoo designs are also popular. You can choose not only black and white designs, but be creative and get tattooed with variety of tattoo ink colors.
Enjoy attractive, meaningful and joyful fish and penguin tattoo designs and make your choice! And don't forget to take proper care of your new tattoo and use tattoo aftercare products to accelerate the healing process.