Tattoos of Hollywood Stars

Celebrities have to show their bodies and they use various ways of beautifying and tattooing is extremely popular among Hollywood stars. Let's look what tattoo designs the celebrities have and of course I won't mention all of them because usually the stars have more than several tattoos.

Bruce Willis has a dragon tattoo on the right shoulder and the angel design on the left shoulder.

There is a rosary tattoo around the neck of Mark Wahlberg, his initials on the right arm and the portrait of Bob Marley on the left arm.

Ben Affleck has multiple tattoos and among them we can see cross design, sleeve tattoo of abstract design reminding crossbones, a fish and a skull.

The back of the neck of Jessica Alba is adorned with a flower and a ladybug tattoo. The star has a bow tattoo on her back and lotus flower on her wrist.

Ankle tattoos are also attractive to the stars and Drew Barrymore has a cross tattoo on her ankle, angels design on her back, a butterfly tattoo under the belly button and flower design on the inside left hip bone.

Star tattoo designs look great and such design loos great on the inner left hip of Reese Witherspoon.

Barbwire armband, tribal design on the back and the word Mommy on the finger are tattoos of Pamela Anderson.

The right buttock of Halle Berry is tattooed with a flower.

Charlize Theron also has a flower tattoo design on the right foot and fish tattoo on the right ankle.

Chinese symbol for belief and trust beautifies the left hip of Sarah Michelle Gellar and there is a Tao symbol for patience tattooed on her right ankle. She also has two purple dragonflies on her lower back.

Josh Hartnett has a crown tattoo on the neckline and a Celtic design tattoo on the back.

There is the tattoo of the heart and dagger with the names of the wife and the daughter on the right arm of Ewan McGregor.

Snipes has tribal design tattoo covering his arms, chest, back, the back of the neck and the sides of the head.

There is a heart tattoo on the stomach of Jenifer Aniston

Stars prefer tattoos with deep symbolism and the choice of tattoo placement is as versatile and unique as the stars themselves.