How to Apply Tattoo Stencil to the Skin

Tattooing requires careful preparation- you choose the tattoo design, its placement, professional tattoo artist, your skin is prepared for tattooing and then before the process itself, the image is put on your skin. After the artist sprays the part of the body with special spray, shaves the area with disposable razor, sprays the area again and removes any hairs with a paper towel, your skin is ready for applying the stencil. Tattoo stencil helps create a unique tattoo design and make sure you like it before you get permanent tattoo. Stencil is a three part sheet and the image of tattoo is placed between a backing sheet and a carrier sheet. It is passed through the machine and image is transferred onto the carbon master sheet. So, tattoo artist makes a stencil of created design and such technique of applying the stencil to the skin allows the artist to follow the lines. Only professional tattoo artist is able to create beautiful and colorful tattoo. Shading and colors aren't provided by the stencil and the artist could only follow the full design image. Let's have a look at the process of putting the image on the skin step by step.

  1. The stencil should be hold with the purple side facing the body of the client. The outer edges of the stencil should be gripped on the right and left hand side. Holding the stencil two inches from the body the placement should be determined.
  2. The center of the stencil should be lightly touched to the body and the rest smoothed onto it from the middle to the outer edges. The stencil should sit on the body for several minutes.
  3. The stencil should be peeled off the body- pull starting at one of the corners diagonally and slowly.
  4. The client should look at the stencil to make sure that the placement and the spelling (if it is word tattoo) are correct and it looks like the client has imagined. But the client shouldn't touch the area.
  5. And after that the tattoo artist will start the process of tattooing itself. Make sure he/she uses disposable and sterile tattoo needles and all tattoo equipment is sterilized.

Good luck! And don't forget that a new tattoo requires proper aftercare!