Tattoo Designs for Men

If we look around we'll see that most men and many women have tattoos. And it's not surprising as tattoos have a very long history. They originated more than 5000 years ago. Tattoos were symbols of superiority or rank, symbolized particular tribe and were done for medicinal illustrations and for religious reasons. Nowadays tattoo shows the personality and tell us something about the person without words. Tattoo is associated with masculinity and strength and men really look great with stylish tattoo designs on their body. The wave of tattoo popularity was raised by such celebrities as Robbie Williams, David Beckham, Eminem, 50 Cent, Johnny Depp and others. Tattoo is a perfect way to make individual style statement. When it comes to male design tattoos, we can look at the most popular ideas of present times and discuss the symbolism of such tattoo designs.
Tattoo designs for men are innumerable and it's easy to browse through the tattoo design catalog to find the most appealing design. Any professional tattoo artist created his/her own designs and can add some details to existing stencil designs. There are almost no limits to imagination when it comes to tattooing. And we shouldn't forget that not only the beauty and symbolism of tattoo design are significant, the quality of tattoo ink and all tattoo equipment that is used and essentially important. But let's return to the design ideas.
Tribal tattoo designs are most popular among those who want to get tattoo on the shoulder blades, on the back or on the arms. Maori tattoos, Hawaiian tattoos, Haida design and Celtic design tattoos, Samoan and Egyptian tattoos, Japanese and Polynesian tattoos are available. Each detailed design has special symbolic meaning but all of them symbolize power, courage and strength of ancient man and the severity of those times and beauty of tribal cultures.
Most men prefer tattoos depicting their particular zodiac sign. Zodiac sing tattoo is a reflection of one's character traits, beliefs and one's personality.

Animal tattoo designs have always been popular because most people associate themselves with definite bird, fish, insect or animal. And each animal and creature has its own symbolism. Tiger, lion, horse, jaguar, dolphin, wolf, eagle, falcons, etc. are the most popular choices among men. Tiger is a symbol of energy and power around the world. Dolphin symbolizes harmony, joy and intelligence. Spider is a symbol of linking past and future and creativity. Fish symbolizes the source of life and immortality. Dragon tattoos are extremely popular among men. Dragon first was a symbol of emperor in the Orient, today it represents longevity and wisdom, power and freedom.
Of course, there are much more top tattoo designs for men including demons, angels, cross, koi fish, sport symbols, Japanese and pin up girl designs.
The choice of tattoo design and its size depends on its placement and men prefer to make tattoo on neck, biceps, shoulder blades, forearm, chest, upper and lower back, nape of the neck, upper and lower calves and waist. This choice is influenced by the body type and personal physique. Tattooing is also widespread among women but the choice of designs differs greatly. And it's really great to see that one of the most intriguing and creative type of body modification is still an art that is popular and valued.