Preparing Skin for Tattoo Step by Step

Have you decided to get tattooed or you are thinking about becoming a tattoo artist? Choosing tattoo design is significant but not the only aspect about tattooing. Here you'll find some useful information about the process of preparing the skin for tattoo.

  1. The skin of the area where tattoo would be placed should be carefully prepared. And the first step is disinfection. The skin is sprayed down with rubbing alcohol.
  2. Then it should be shaved to avoid infection that can be caused by pushing the hair into the skin with the tattoo needle. Of course the razor used for shaving should be disposable.
  3. The shaved area should be cleaned and disinfected once again. Now it's ready for the tattooing.
  4. Even the most professional tattoo artist uses a non-toxic pen to draw some parts of tattoo design or uses a stencil to make sure the tattoo comes out looking right. You may study detailed description of the process of putting the image on the skin.
  5. You should see that tattoo artist opens up tattoo needle and needle tube pouches. Most sterilization pouches have blue, green or pink indicators which turn dark when autoclaved. After you make sure the needles and other tools that will be applied to your skin are sterile, the tattoo artist will begin the tattooing.

We should pay extra-attention to the sanitation because unsafe tattoo practices spread syphilis and Hepatitis B and C. Once again- tattoo needles, the gloves the artist wears should be sterilized and disposable; tattoo equipment and all surfaces that come in contact with that equipment and needles should be well-cleaned and sterile.
And here are some advices on how to prepare for the first tattoo mentally. If you really want to get tattooed, you'll stand the pain of the process and will sit almost motionless until the end of tattooing. But you may make the process run more pleasant for you. You may listen to the favorite music and take your friend with you if your tattoo artist is for. And your body should be also well-prepared. Drink plenty of water and eat well before you go to the tattoo salon but don't overeat and overdrink. If you feel dizzy or whatever, don't be afraid to tell your artist and you'll make a break.
Tattooing is painless and usually rather long procedure and degrees of pain depend on your personal physical characteristics and the tattoo placement as some areas of the body are more sensual than others. I think you are ready for that if you have decided to get tattooed and I hope the process will be even pleasant for you as you will realize that now a new and beautiful design is appearing on your body to become your symbolic and unique thing.