Purchasing Professional Tattoo Equipment

Any professional tattoo studio should be equipped with all necessary tattoo tools, supplies and materials. Sterility, high quality and cleanliness of these items are significant for creating reputable name and be successful in the tattoo industry. Let's have a look at the things any tattoo artist needs to have and some tips on their purchasing.

  1. Tattoo Gun. It is the gun-shaped machine consisting of the needle bar that holds the needle and deliver the ink in the skin by moving up and down. It's handheld and powered by different power supplies. The tattoo gun power supply makes the needles vibrate together up and down thousands of times per minute. The ink is injected under the skin between the surface layer and the permanent bottom layer. The first dies off later and is replaced by new skin cells. When you are purchasing a tattoo gun, you should choose that made from strong metals to keep it from breaking during tattooing. Brass, cooper and iron are conductive materials that are durable and strong. Choose these types of metals for your tattoo gun. The type and size of the tattoo gun are significant. Some guns are made to serve one purpose- shading or lining. And some serve both purposes- such guns are more powerful and expensive and need to be often tuned.
  2. Tattoo Needles. There are different types of needles for various purposes. Flat needles are used for shading and round needles are used for lining and creating of some shades. Disposable tattoo needles are soldered to the attached to the electromagnet bar. They should be sterile and high quality.
  3. Tattoo Ink. Tattoo ink is composed of carriers which dilute the pigments keeping them from clumping together and pigments which provide color. Purchasing tattoo inks, pay attention to the brand. You'd better buy sets of the most popular and trusted inks of high quality and versatile colors to save your money and time.
  4. Thermal Copier. It's a useful thing to see how the tattoo looks like, save the time and copy the design unto the skin and decide on the placement. Most people who are getting tattoo for the first time have lots of doubts and such problems can be easily solved.
  5. Tattoo Stencils. Basic or border outline of the drawing and colorful full flash designs created by a tattoo artist are the important things which should be displayed in the tattoo salon. Most customers have desire to look at the works of tattoo artist to judge his skills and to choose some design for oneself.
  6. Tattoo autoclave machine. Such device is necessary for sterilization of all items which are reusable.
  7. Tattoo Accessories. Ink cups and holders, disposable gloves and razors are necessary for comfortable, safe and professional work.
  8. Tattoo Chair. To provide relaxed and steady position to the tattooed person, efficiency and comfort of the artist's work. Tattoo chairs have special construction to be modified for accommodation the customer in different comfortable position to expose the required tattooed area.

When you are shopping for tattoo equipment, you'd better buy everything you need at once. It will save your time and your money and you'll get all you need at once without waiting for separate packages from different shops.