Skull Tattoo Designs

People who are open to something unusual and creative, who want to show their individuality and who want to beautify their body in a meaningful way, go for tattooing. Tattoos are perfect way to let one's body speak without words. Some people prefer cute and small tattoos while others get large and aggressive in some way tattoos. I'd like to look at the popular tattoo design associated with death though it has other meanings- skull tattoos.

Skull is the symbol that is present in many cultures of the world and makes a powerful statement. Gangsters, Gothic people and bikers are representatives of cultures that widely use skull symbolism. Skull tattoo designs are versatile and each has something to stand out.

In ancient cultures skull also symbolized revered ancestor and thus nowadays it can be used to celebrate life. Skull tattoo can possess deeper meaning of rebirth, transcendence of human life and protection.

Skull nowadays is considered to have more positive symbolism. It is the sign of rebellion. Skull is a symbol of change in the Tarot deck the death card. In day of the Dead celebrated in Mexico skull reminds of death and reminds that though death is misfortune, it can be "the ultimate liberation" as well.

Skull and cross bone was a symbol of pirates used as a flag on their ships. Skull and cross bone tattoo design is rather popular and is associated with danger and drunken freedom of life. Skull and cross bones are also the symbol for poison.

The serpent and the skull tattoo where snake emerges from empty eye socket of the skull look interesting and attractive. The snake here is a symbol of chthonic god of knowledge and immortality. Such tattoo represents the knowledge that persists beyond death and secret is known to the serpent.

Skull tattoo can be paired with flower or hearts telling us about life and death. Such intriguing designs and unusual combinations look great and eye-catching. Flaming skull, tribal skull tattoo and Mexican day of the Dead skull tattoo designs are also popular.

Skull tattoo can be filled with black ink as well as it can be found in various colors of tattoo ink. Skull tattoos can be done on any part of the body and the combination of it with skull body piercing jewelry looks great. You can have a small skull tattoo on your wrist or your anklet and skull and cross bone navel ring, for example.

Make your choice and take proper aftercare of your new tattoo.