Snake and Scorpion Tattoo Designs

Tattooing is growing in popularity and it's important to think carefully all the details before you get tattooed. You should find professional tattoo artist who works with high quality tattoo equipment, uses sterile tattoo needles and tattoo inks by trusted brands. And, of course, you should decide on tattoo design, its size and placement. There are numerous tattoo designs to choose from and I'd like to have a look at such popular and attractive tattoo designs as snake and scorpion tattoos.

Snake is considered the icon of wisdom and knowledge in most world cultures and its main characteristic is shedding the skin. This process symbolizes regeneration and rebirth. Snake was related to the moon goddess according to Greek mythology. Snake is considered to have both masculine and feminine symbolic meanings. Fighting snake is a symbol of power and strength. It can also symbolize treachery, craftiness and darkness.

There are versatile snake tattoos and it may be python, cobra or rattlesnake. Snake tattoo can be combines with other designs. For example, snake and skull tattoo design portrays the dark and evil side of the underworld and is one of the most popular gangsta tattoos.

Chinese and Japanese snake tattoo designs look great. Snake tattoo can represent your zodiac sign. Yin Yang snake tattoos and the combinations of snake and tiger as well as other animals are considered stylish and meaningful. Tribal snake tattoo designs are hot trend.

Snake tattoo can be places anywhere on the body and filled with different colors.

Scorpion tattoo designs are extremely popular and the image of this fascinating and fierce creature looks amazing on the body. In the ancient world scorpions were thought to be protectors of the dead and healers of the living. Scorpion was a symbol of Egyptian gods and kings. There is a Greek legend telling that a scorpion killed the archer Orion and now we can see him as a constellation in the sky. Scorpion symbolizes pain, envy, hatred, fear, danger and treachery. The combination of scorpion with another symbol can create deeply meaningful design. Scorpion design also stands for the cold-blooded simplicity and the fact that we are alone in this world and should be ready to fight with cool mind and no fear.

People born under the sign of Scorpio can get such tattoo to represent their zodiac sign. You can be creative and make abstract designs as well as combinations of scorpion fighting the enemy that can be your personal "enemy", scorpion protecting your heart, etc. c Scorpion and snake tattoo designs are great but they are more negative than other animal tattoo designs. Make your choice and enjoy it!