Star, Moon and Sun Tattoo Designs

Central astrological themes of the universe are gathered together in stars, moon and sun tattoo designs. Each of them has its own symbolism and deeper meaning and I'd like to take detailed look at them.

The Sun is probably the greatest symbol existing. We all and the whole world are dependent on the sun. The sun represents Yang energy in astrological terms and it is masculine in nature. Sun tattoos represent courage, vitality, fertility, eternally renewed youth, knowledge and light. Divine and royal powers meet in the symbol of the Sun and there are multiple sun tattoo designs and new designs are still creating.

The moon represents Yin energy in astrological terms that is feminine in energy. Moon symbol is considered that of the feeling side of human nature. The distinct phases of the moon helped to create the first calendars in civilization. Lunar calendar is still followed in sole religions and cultures. Crescent moons, full moons and many other designs are available.

Star symbolism has appeared in different contexts for centuries bringing different social, cultural and religious meanings. Star symbolizes high ambitions, positivity, ideals, life and dreams. The meaning of star designs depends mainly on the number of points depicted.

The 4 pointed star is connected with Native American tribes and symbolizes the native American pride. The 5 pointed star designed by a substantial margin takes many different meanings. The solid five pointed star symbolizes classical things mentioned above. Upside down pentacle is associated with dark interpretation of ritualism. The outline of a five pointed star (pentacle) symbolizes witchcraft and represents the quest for secrets of life and divine knowledge. Five elements are represented by each point of the star- spirit, fire, earth, water and air.

6 pointed star (hexagram) was used as magical symbol and nowadays it is commonly associated with the Star of David. At the end of the 17th century the symbol was adopted as official seal of the Jewish community. Six pointed star tattoo design also stands for beauty and balance.

7 pointed star (septagram) is associated with fairies and elves and represents spiritual realms and magic. It is the symbol of childhood. Then seven pointed star symbol is worn by many law enforcement officers and sheriffs. Finally, seven is a lucky number- we have the seven wonders of the world, seven notes, seven colors of the rainbow, etc. And any person chooses the meaning that is closer to him/her.

8 pointed star (octogram) is the icon of the National and Auxiliary Fire service in modern times. It represents the regenerative cycle and completeness in pagan terms. 8 points are also said to represent the eight virtues of a knight such star was the emblem of the Knights of Malta.

9 pointed star symbolizes the unit of the nine worlds in Norse mythology and represents completeness.

Star tattoos can be composed of several stars arranged in a swirl, line or cluster as well as it can be a single star of any size and design.

The tattoo design that combines moon and star represents Islam, is used in the flags of many countries and has lots of symbolic meanings. It may represent a wandered. Moon and stars balance the day and may be symbolic of duality.

Star, moon and sun tattoos on the belly look great with belly button piercing jewelry that can be a sun or a dangling star ring. They can also be done almost anywhere on the body depending on personal desire.

And after you got tattooed, don't forget to take proper aftercare and use all necessary tattoo healing products.