Tattoo Designs - Symbols

Tattooing has become extremely popular in recent times and there are lots of tattoo salons and really talented tattoo artist who create impressive masterpieces on the human bodies. If you are going to get tattooed or you want to become a professional tattoo maker yourself, there are lots of things you should know about the process of tattooing, all necessary tattoo equipment, tools and machine parts and their sterilization, variety of tattoo designs and the names of quality tattoo inks, etc.

Different symbols are widely used in the art of tattoos to convey definite messages and many people prefer tattoo symbol designs as they show a lot of meaning in a small design. Now I'd like to look at the most popular tattoo symbol designs and their meaning.

Celtic tattoo designs look unusual and mysterious. The complex interwoven lines represent mazes, knots, spirals, etc. Most Celtic symbols reflect the cycles of life and seasons as their interweaving has no end and no beginning.

Kanji is untraditional Japanese tattoo associated in Western culture with cherry blossoms and geishas of Eastern philosophy. This exotic symbol is attractive and expresses a soulful feeling.

Haida designs are complex and beautiful. Their bold lines make them unique and so popular. Haida crests were the way to chronicle significant mythologival events in the clan's history. The Haida were one of few groups that used black and red colors for tattooing.

Zodiac symbols have fascinated the mankind for millennia and there are western signs of Zodiac and Chinese zodiac signs. Zodiac signs are represented by detailed symbol and you can get it tattooed with additional designs or just have a simpler glyph. Zodiac tattoo sign shows the traits of your character and your attitude to astrology without words and looks stylish.

Maori designs are full of the repetition of specific design motifs prominent in the tattooing of the Maori people and in carving and weaving as well as of bold lines. Ta Moko (original Maori tattoos contained family and personal history in their individual designs.

Buddhist symbols are widespread nowadays. Buddha image, the lotus, the Bodhi tree are the most popular tattoo designs though there are many other symbols important in Buddhism. The Eight Auspicious Symbols (Ashtemengala in Sanskrit) are the central symbols of Tibetan Buddhism. They are used in different forms of ritual art. The Wheel of life that represents the universe as understood by Buddhist of Tibet is another important symbol. Colors are important types of symbolism in Buddhism. Red, green, blue, yellow and white are special colors in Buddhism.