Animal Tattoo Designs

Tattooing is an old body modification but it is still extremely widespread all over the world. There are innumerable tattoo designs available and some of them are extra-meaningful. I'd like to talk write about animal tattoo designs and their meaning. Almost everyone has an animal, bird or insect he/she associates oneself with. Sometimes we want to be as free in sentiment and in thought as animals. Some people choose animal tattoo designs to show that they possess the same traits which the definite animal symbolizes. Aquatic life and the world of insects, birds, mammals and varmints have always attracted people and the mystery of this life and its beauty are still open question to us. And the popularity of animal tattoos shows that. So, what are the meanings of the top animal tattoo designs?
Lion tattoo designs are met really often. Lion symbolizes powerful position, leadership, superiority and royalty. Being religious symbol in many cultures, lion is also considered the "King of the Beasts". Eastern and Western cultures as well as Japanese and Chinese mythology and art widely use lion's symbolism. There is a legend about Hercules who wore a lion headdress and cape and had the strength of ten lions. Leo or Lion is Zodiac sign representing the Sun.
Phoenix is a mystical bird widely used in tattooing. This beautiful bird refused to leave the paradise and abstained from the forbidden fruit. When it gets tired it is said to build the nest of aromatic twigs. 500 years are believed life of phoenix. The bird is said to set its abode on fire and rise from the ashes within three days to be reborn as a new soul. Phoenix tattoo symbolizes grace, victory over evil and virtues. People who used to overcome hurdles in life and emerge as an edified person can show that with phoenix tattoo.
Dragon symbolism comes from Chinese culture where dragon symbolizes four elements- wind, earth, water and fire. Dragons stand for majestic and supernatural powers of celestial beings. Dragon was a symbol of emperor. Nowadays dragon tattoo designs are unisex and symbolize fortitude, exceptional power, strength and courage. Dragon tattoo design look great on the belly along with belly button piercing - a dragon surrounds the navel with a sparkling as fire belly ring in it looks amazingly attractive and meaningful.
Unicorn is a mythical animal with magical healing properties. It's believed that untamed unicorn can be mounted by a true maiden. Unicorn tattoo designs represent love, marital fidelity, purity and peace.
Tiger is a beautiful animal associated with speed, wrath and cruelty, sensuality and passion, power and ferocity. Tiger tattoo designs are popular in Western and Eastern genres and multiple legends and myths surrounding tigers make the choice of tiger designs innumerable.
If you want to find more about other animal, bird or fish tattoo designs, here is some more short information.
Scorpio tattoo design means regeneration, a bird on the skin means that you feel free as a bird, eagle symbolizes illumination and spirited, dolphin tattoos symbolize harmony and intelligence, dragonfly tattoo designs are symbolic for creativity, imagination and inspiration.
Enjoy animal tattoo designs and choose one or several that help you stand out your traits and life position.