Bird Tattoo Designs

Have you found a professional and creative tattoo artist? Have you made sure his/her tattoo supplies and equipment are high quality and sterile? Are you sure the tattoo ink your skin will be filled with is best quality and won't cause allergic reactions? Then one important thing is left- your tattoo design and all the details - its placement, size and color.
Animal tattoos are the most symbolic and versatile and I'd like to have a detailed look at bird tattoo designs that may represent war or peace depending on the species but always symbolize freedom. Birds inspired early tattoo artist for their work and there are evidences of ancient pictorial bird tattoos on humans. You may get your favorite bird tattooed or have mythical phoenix tattoo on your body. Let's look at the meaning of definite bird tattoos.
Eagle is one of the most popular images for tattoo designs. It is a poignant symbol and the national bird of the United States. Most government officers, firefighters and police officers get eagle tattoos. Such qualities as courage, freedom, strength, free spirit are attributed to the eagle and eagle design tattoos stand for strong and powerful personality. The most popular ideas for eagle tattoo for men are screaming eagle or eagle flying with widely open wings. Women can also enjoy eagle tattoo designs which are smaller, intricate and delicate. Eagle tattoo doesn't only show the love for the country and patriotism but symbolizes courage and strength. Tribal eagle tattoo designs in navy blue or black tattoo ink are popular. You may also choose from Mexican eagle tattoos, golden eagle tattoos or harry Potter eagle tattoos and others.
Bluebird tattoo designs are really great. Bluebird symbolizes happiness. Men who spent months sailing the seas away from their homes and families, got bluebird tattooed. Such tattoo was believed to guide them back and to represent the happiness of their homes. Sailor Jerry re-popularize bluebird tattoo in the 20th century.
Albatross tattoo stands for something weighing on the person. Owl symbolizes sight and wisdom. Robin tattoos represent youth, spring and new life. Raven tattoo is a Gothic statement symbolizing death. Swallow tattoos were made by sailors who spent more than 5000 miles at sea.
Bird tattoos are beautiful, full of power and freedom. You can get an image of sitting on the branch bird, flying to the sun bird, abstract bird tattoo or any others which your imagination and the skills of the tattoo artist can create. And don't forget about tattoo aftercare to enjoy healed and attractive tattoo as soon as possible.