Celtic Tattoo Designs

Celtic tattoo designs are popular not only among people of Celtic heritage (Scots, Welsh or Irish) but among men and women all over the world who value the indigenous artistic style of the ancestors. Tattooing for the Celts is said to start around the time when Celtic metalwork and stonework began. Most Celtic tattoo designs are inspired by the Irish Illuminated Manuscripts. Celtic art is recognizable with its interlacing patterns, complex knots, color, various symbols known only in the world of Celts and animal forms known as zoomorphism. Black tattoo ink is usually used for most Celtic designs though some tattoos can be brightened with other dark colors. And I'd like to have a detail look at the most popular and beautiful Celtic tattoo designs.
Celtic knot tattoos have no end or beginning and symbolize the never-ending cycle of rebirth and death. Celtic knotwork symbolism has deeper spiritual level and represents the crossing of spiritual and physical interlace. The permanent continuum of love, spiritual growth and life stands for Celtic Knot tattoo designs.
Celtic cross tattoo designs are probably the most popular. Celtic cross has the form of the Latin cross with the ring about the intersection of the upright shaft and the crossbar. It symbolizes the bridge between earth and heaven. The vertical arms reach to heaven represent spiritual life and horizontal arms represent temporal life (earth). The unending love of the creator is represented by the circle.
Claddagh tattoo designs are also widely made usually by people in love. The history of Claddagh symbol is romantic and tells us about the Irish man who was captured by pirates and when he returned in several years he found that the girl whom he was to marry was still single. He shaped the Claddagh ring for her where the hands signified friendship, a heart signified love and the crown signified loyalty. And nowadays Claddagh symbol still stands for friendship, loyalty and love.
Celtic spiral tattoo designs symbolize eternal life. The passages between the spirals represent the divisions between death, life and rebirth and the whirls symbolize the continuous creation and dissolution of the universe. Celtic spiral moving to the right stands for victory and sun.
Celtic butterfly tattoos combine the symbolism of change and growth and beauty. Butterfly is the symbol of rebirth, renewal and transformation. The Celts believed that butterfly had soul and butterfly fluttering around at night was a bad omen.
Celtic Shamrock tattoo designs are rich in meaning and believed to have mystical power. The legend says that when St. Patrick came to Ireland (a land of the druids at that time) he used this plant with three leaves to demonstrate the meaning of the Christian trinity. Nowadays Celtic shamrock is still the most famous symbol of Ireland.
Celtic tattoo designs are unique and beautiful. You can also enjoy other meaningful tattoo designs including Yin Yang, Star and Sun and other tattoo designs and find out their symbolic meanings. And don't forget that your new tattoo needs proper aftercare and quality tattoo healing products.