Cross Tattoo Designs

Religious tattoos have been popular among people from all over the world for years and they come in variations to suit particular mentality of individual. Religious tattoo display belief for God. Religion captures imagination and such tattoos as cross tattoos are the most widespread and available in multitude of designs. Endless number of colors and sizes, versatility of designs to signify number of things are the factors that make cross tattoo design so desirable. Cross has been symbolic long ago before Christianity appeared. Pagan religious worshiped the cross as a symbol for many reasons and used it as their marks. Celtic druids used cross as a phallic symbol. The Assyrians used cross as navigator to prevent the loss of people. The cross was associated with the Moon deity among the Babylonians. Ankh cross was a symbol of the union between Osiris and Isis in ancient Egypt.

Christian cross is a symbol of the victory of Christ over the Romans and the death. The horizontal line in Latin crosses signifies the world and the vertical line signifies the divine. Crucifix is the cross with a picture of Jesus Christ on it. Christian cross tattoos are often combined with Latin text.

Gothic art is full of elegance and beauty of its every form and people all over the world love gothic designs. Gothic cross tattoo symbolizes darkness and pain. The classical German style of wrought iron work is portrayed in Gothic crosses and barbed wires and iron around the cross are associated with negative mysteries, anger and pain. Though the beauty of Gothic cross's design can be taken and combined with other images to create less negative design. Women can add grace and beauty to Gothic cross tattoo with delicate designs like vines or flowers. And men prefer human bones or skull drawn over or alongside the Gothic cross to make it look more adventurous.

The best places for cross tattoo designs are considered the chest, arms and the back. Cross tattoo designs will nerve fall out of fashion as religion is something constant and people will always believe in God and have faith inside their hearts. But still there are many other tattoo designs which you will definitely enjoy!

Making your choice, don't forget to consider few things before you get tattooed. Make sure the design you choose is really what you want to see on your body for the rest of your life (as tattoo removal is painful, expensive and long procedure). Choose certified professional tattoo maker and make sure he/she uses high quality tattoo ink, sterile needles and other sterile and quality tattoo equipment for your tattooing.