Dragonfly and Butterfly Tattoo Designs

Tattooing is associated with beauty, style and symbolism. A large number of people all over the world get tattooed and most celebrities have at least one tattoo on their body. Tattoo is the way of self-expression and unique way of beautifying. There are multiple tattoo designs nowadays- some of them are more popular and some are met not so often and the choice is individual. I'd like to have a rather detailed look at dragonfly and butterfly tattoo designs because they are really beautiful and meaningful.

In different cultures dragonfly is associated with different symbolisms. It represents good luck in battlefields in the Japanese culture. We meet dragonfly in fairy tales and in several folklores where it usually represents evil. Bur modern symbolism of dragonfly includes courage, power and strength. This beautiful flying creature symbolizes moving on, freedom and changes to the positive. Dragonfly tattoo designs stand for knowledge and wisdom, active life and inspiration.
Dragonflies are found in varieties and magnificent colors including green, black, brown, red, etc. You can use naturally existing dragonfly for your tattoo design or a silhouette of dragonfly in darker colors. The illusion and feeling of flying dragonfly can be easily reached if a skillful tattoo artist is working. He/she can create abstract dragonfly tattoo and use any tattoo ink color combinations you want. There can be vines, leaves, flowers and whatever with dragonfly and such graceful tattoo perfectly matches women. You can combine dragonfly tattoo on the belly with a flower belly button ring and it will be a real masterpiece- unique and eye-catching. Tribal dragonfly tattoo design is great for men. Such tattoo looks masculine and attractive. You can beautify the shoulders with twin dragonflies flying together. And these are only few ideas for you to choose from.
Butterfly was a personal symbol of Augustus, the Roman Emperor. It was the symbol of fire for warriors. Butterfly tattoo designs are feminine, delightful and delicate. Butterfly symbolizes mystery, transformation and beauty. The metamorphosis from caterpillar to a magnificent butterfly is a phenomenon associated with transformation of a girl into a graceful woman. The joyful and beautiful colors of butterflies are eye-catching and so can be your tattoo. The richness of human imagination and the mystery of nature are seen in butterfly tattoo designs. A small butterfly tattoo on the neck near the ear and unusual floral design ear stud or dangling earring will look great.
And after your magnificent butterfly or dragonfly tattoo is made, don't forget to follow all aftercare recommendations and use necessary high quality tattoo healing products to enjoy your tattoo as soon as possible.