Heart Tattoo Designs and Their Meanings

Before you get tattooed, you should not only find skillful and creative tattoo maker and make sure he/she uses only high quality tattoo supplies and equipment, sterile needles and other tools, trusted brands of tattoo ink but also think about your tattoo design, its placement, size, etc. Tattoo designs are versatile and everyone can choose something for him/herself. And I'd like to have detailed look at the most romantic and symbolic tattoo designs- heart tattoos.
Heart symbolizes love and charity that can be expressed differently. If these are two people in lovemaking tattoo, they can make the heart with the initials of their loved ones or with their names. Most people prefer to avoid inking definite names in the heart and get just heart or two tattooed. The persons whom you will always love and nothing could change this feeling is probably your mom, dad or your child, it may be your best friend that has gone on, and these names can be tattooed without any risk of regret in the future. Usually banners are used in design to put initials or letters on.

Heart and roses tattoo design is very popular and represent romantic feelings though the color of the rose influences the whole meaning of the tattoo. Heart with a keyhole tattoo stands for that someone holds the key to your heart. The broken heart, a half of heart or bleeding heart symbolizes unrequited love, lost love and suffering. And I wouldn't suggest anyone to make such tattoo. Heart with wings tattoo design represents free, optimistic and joyful spirit. Angel heart can symbolize purity of spirit and a heart design formed from dolphins could represent your love for the ocean and these intelligent creatures. Tribal heart in black represents emotions under control. A heart with a sword, dagger or knife represents courage in the face of misfortune or can also stand for betrayal. The heart with arrow represents not-unpleasant sting of love. Favorable opportunities and happiness are symbolized by stars and hearts. The golden heart is a symbol of personal awareness that he/she is at one with all things. Paternal or maternal kind of love is represented by hands holding the heart tattoo design.
There are different ideas for heart tattoo placement and it mainly depends on personal desire to have tattoo that is always seen or that can be hidden by clothes. If it's heart with wings tattoo, the upper back is the best placement for it. Broken heart and other heart designs on the chest evoking the actual organ are popular. Neck, lower back and arms are other popular places for heart tattoo designs.
Heart tattoos come not only in red color. They can be blue and purple. You may add orange and yellow colors to the red heart design. There are no limits for creativity and imagination these days. Professional and talented tattoo artist can create individual piece of art representing passion, love, playfulness, lost love, material love and other important feelings and emotions you want to wear on your skin.
And don't forget to create something beautiful and unique on your body. I have seen a girl with a heart tattoo on her breast and the nipple piercing jewelry in the shape of the lock. This combination of piercing and tattoo is really meaningful and looks great. Be creative!