Music Stars with Tattoos

Tattoos are extremely popular and most celebrities get at least several tattoos and like to demonstrate them. Let's discuss the tattoo designs of the brightest and the hottest music stars.
Victoria Beckham made her first tattoo design in 2001- three eight-pointed stars on the lower back symbolize her husband and their first son. Later Victoria made two more stars after the birth of her two sons. On the seventh anniversary of their wedding in 2006 David and Victoria made equal arm tattoos - inscription in Hebrew from the Song of Songs. She also has initials DB in Italic type on the left wrist.

Pink is one of the brightest celebrities who have numerous tattoos. The tattoo designs chosen by Pink reveal the main stages of her life. Pink is fond of Japanese culture and has a number of hieroglyphs- the symbol of will to live, the symbol of infinity and the symbol of happiness and luck. The right wrist of the Pink holds the inscription "What goes around comes around". There is a big dragon tattoo design on the left leg. An angel and a star tattoo beautifies the back of the star.

Christina Ricci has a lion tattoo on the back, a mermaid tattoo on the right hand, the inscription "Move or bleed" on the hip and others.

There are skull tattoo designs on the feet of Kelly Osborne, an anchor tattoo and a synthesizer tattoo on her arms and angel wing tattoos on the back.

Tila Tequila has a heart tattoo on the left shoulder and a Chinese tattoo and scorpion tattoo on the neck.

There is a praying angel tattoo on the upper left thigh of Beyonce.
The Egyptian symbol of eternal life surrounded by the sun is tattooed on the back of Anastasia.

Wrist tattoo of a shooting star beautifies Jenny Frost.

Puff Daddy has a crucifix tattooed on his left arm and the inscription "Bad Boy" on the right arm. "God's Child" tattoo can be seen on his neck.

Eminem's tattoos symbolize brevity and vitality of life. One of the most significant tattoos of the star is the tattoo portraying his daughter and roses.

Kanye West is creative and stylish in everything and his dragon tattoo matched by a poem by Maya Angelou stands for that.

Jared Leto has the Echelon "X" symbol tattoo on the left arm, Roman arrows tattoo on the calf and a glyph symbol that is a part of his band's iconography on the right wrist.

We see that arm tattoo designs and back tattoos are the most widespread among celebrities may be because they can be easily showed off and look stylish, may be for other reasons.

You may take tattoo designs of music stars as example and take some ideas for personal tattoo design. You can find more information about tattoo designs and make your choice.