Tattoos- Lettering and Asian Symbols

Tattoo is growing in popularity and new designs and styles are found almost every day. Word tattoos have become extremely widespread these days and there are probably two their categories- Asian symbol and lettering. Writing helps people to express their personality in an exciting way and innumerable designs allow expressing unique style and beliefs of the person. Letters tattoo designs can be based on Latin, German, English, French, Italian, Greek or other alphabets. Chinese, Thai, Tibetan, Hindi, Kanji and other Asian symbols also look great and more intriguing. I'd like to offer you some tips that may be useful if you are going to customize word tattoo.

The size of the Asian symbol or lettering tattoo is important. How big do you want them to be? Small letters look charming and give impression of thoughtful, tender and cute person. But they don't allow for details. Large lettering or Asian symbol tattoos can become the emphasis of the personality, showing that you are confident and have a big heart. Large words convey the sense of importance and look bold. You can also vary sizes. One word can be large and another small or you can make only few letters big and the letters between them small. It also concerns Chinese symbols. Such tattoos look dynamic.

The length of tattoo is very important. The number of words or Asian symbols should be considered for ink designs. The placement and its way should be carefully thought about and the best places for long tattoo words are on the chest and on the back- there is plenty of space there. Short or one Asian symbol tattoos can be on the leg, arm, neck, rib cage, etc. And short lettering or symbol tattoos look more cute and charming passing women while long word tattoos look better on men.

Asian symbols and lettering tattoos are usually done in black tattoo ink. But it's only the classical association with black writing. Any person can choose any color he/she wants and unusual decisions are never boring though black also look great. You may choose any old color such as bright purple, candy blue, grass green, yellow or pink and the tattoo will have unconventional and spunky look. Dark colors such as brown, navy blue, grey or burgundy look elegant and classic.

And one more important point about lettering tattoos- the alignment. It can be vertical. Vertical alignment helps to achieve Oriental look and is usually used for Asian symbol tattoos. Flowing from the top to the bottom letters and symbols look eye-catching and unusual.

If the words flow from left to right this is horizontal alignment. This is classical style that is the most widespread.

Wave, circular or zigzag alignment looks funky and unique. Such fancy alignment reflects the personality and enhances the look of Asian symbol or lettering tattoos.

And choosing the type and details of your word tattoo, don't forget about other important things concerning tattooing- the skills of your tattoo artist, the sterility and quality of all tattoo equipment and especially tattoo needles. Take proper care of your new tattoo and enjoy it!