Tree and Flower Tattoo Designs

Since the beginning of times people have been using tattoo as self-expression, a way of free speech, to show their belonging to definite social or religious group. The shapes and designs of tattoos have definite meanings and it's important not only to find skillful tattoo artist who uses sterile and high quality tattoo supplies and tools but to find the perfect tattoo design for oneself that won't cause regret in the future.

We are all part of our world and nature has always attracted us. We enjoy nice aroma and beauty of flowers, pleasantly spend time on fresh air around the trees and bushes and all these plants have their own symbolism. Flower and tree tattoo designs are versatile and can help any person stand out something special and individual he/she wants to.

Tree tattoos are less popular than floral tattoos but they are deeply meaningful, attractive and come in all imaginable colors, styles, sizes and images.

Tree of life is popular tattoo design and its true meaning varies from field to field. In Chinese mythology Tree of life is depicted along with a phoenix and a dragon. The phoenix symbolizes respect and dragon stands for immortality. Tree of life symbolizes protection, strength, longevity, wisdom, beauty and prosperity.

Oak tree tattoo represents nobility, long-lasting strength, heritage, loyalty, honor, wisdom and power. Oak tree is "the king of green realm" in many cultures. Using your imagination and creativity of the tattoo artist you can create unique design for oak tree to carry your message to the whole world.

Palm tree tattoo symbolizes goodness and wisdom and represents the Garden of Paradise.

Cherry blossom tree called sakura is traditional symbol in Japan and it symbolizes good fortune and good luck. It's believed to bring happiness and love.

Flower tattoo designs are extremely popular mostly among women but there are designs available for men too. Flowers represent life, death and rebirth, cycle of birth and procreation. Different cultures have different beliefs about definite flowers.

Roses in the West symbolize pure love and the same symbolism carries Lotus in the East. The shape, scent and beauty of the rose make it the ultimate floral symbol and the most popular image among floral tattoo designs.

Carnations symbolize woman's love, daises stand for purity and innocence, poppies are symbols of pleasure and violets symbolize faithfulness and choice of happiness. Daffodils represent true love, lilies symbolize sweetness and virginity, bluebell is a symbol of everlasting love and forget-me-nots stand for remembrance.

Floral designs give you and your tattoo artist an opportunity to choose tattoo inks of any color and create unimaginable combinations. So you can enjoy eye-catching and beautiful floral and tree design tattoos on any place of your body.