Tattooing, Tattoo Process

How to Apply Tattoo Stencil to the Skin

Tattooing requires careful preparation- you choose the tattoo design, its placement, professional tattoo artist, your skin is prepared for tattooing and then before the process itself, the image is put on your skin.

Preparing Skin for Tattoo Step by Step

Have you decided to get tattooed or you are thinking about becoming a tattoo artist? Choosing tattoo design is significant but not the only aspect about tattooing. Here you'll find some useful information about the process of preparing the skin for tattoo.

Choosing Tattoo Design- Step by Step Instruction

Tattooing is growing in popularity and it may seem absolutely easy to get the body tattooed. But there are aspects that should be thought over before you make permanent tattoo and choosing tattoo design is one of them.

Tattooing- Step by Step

Tattooing is usually a long process and really large tattoos may take even more than one day to be made. The needle will touch the skin only after the definite range of actions - the choice of tattoo design and its placement, creation of tattoo design, preparation of the skin and application of the tattoo stencil.

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