Tattoo Designs for Women

Tattoo is an old art form that has been around since ancient times. Tattoos have been done by many cultures all over the world and represent different things of people's life that they put into tattoo designs to express their individuality and personality. Most tattoos have personal meanings and each tattoo artist is a real art creator. Some of them make the whole tattoo hand-drawn and some sometimes use tattoo designs created with stencil copy machine. Tattoo is something you have for the rest of life and it's important to give some thought about its design before the get it. Tattoo should not only look good but represent symbolism of something special and have its own meaning.
I'd like to talk about most popular tattoo designs for women and their placement.
Star is recognized in many cultures as a symbol of positivity, life, high ambitions, ideals and dreams. Star tattoos have long history.
Flower is a symbol of beauty and something precious for any women. Flower tattoos put necessary accents on the beauty of women and the meaning of floral tattoo depends on the choice of the flower itself. Abstract flower tattoos are also popular.
Tribal tattoos look alluring and exotic reminding us animal instincts and ancient traditions.
Angel is the symbol of spiritual comfort and protection, positive traits of character and kindness. Angel tattoos look great in white ink.
Zodiac sing is supposed to tell a lot about the person and zodiac tattoos are popular designs for women who believe in astrology and want to tell other people something about herself without words.
Butterfly symbolizes the soul and its freedom. In Chippewa astrology it's a totem. The legend says that butterfly carries wishes to spirit. Butterfly tattoos give an artist freedom to choose and combine all imaginable tattoo inks and their colors.
Celtic tattoos are popular due to their sophisticated design consisting of interlocking and interweaving patterns.
Heart is a symbol of love and life and there are multiple heart tattoo designs available.
Sun is also the symbol of life. It also symbolizes authority, brilliance, glory and hope. Sun tattoo designs can differ greatly.
And now about the areas- shoulder, lower back and upper back are the most popular areas for women's tattoos. And the choice depends on the decision whether the tattoo should be seen or can be covered by clothing.
You can make several small tattoos or one big tattoo on your upper back as it offers large flat area of skin with enough space for it. And wing tattoos are really popular among women. It may be fairy wings, angel or bat wings as well as anything tattoo artist and a woman sees.
Lower back tattoo can be easily hidden or shown off and the area allows variety of designs, shapes and sizes for V tattoo designs.
Shoulder tattoos can be large and small, it can be image of a person or memorial dates. Flowers, exotic tattoo designs and word tattoos are the most popular for shoulder tattoo.
Of course, there are much more other tattoo design ideas and placements for tattoos. It's up to you to decide what you want to see on your body for years or which tattoo you want to create on the body of your client. And don't forget that the other important aspect of tattooing is the health. High quality equipment and sterile tattoo tools and supplies are required.